What’s Trending for 2021? Soft & Neutral Tones

Soft and neutral tones are predicted to be one of the biggest interior trends for 2021. Gone are the days of brilliant white and cool grey. This New Year is predicted for homes to lean towards much warmer and soothing tones.

If you have read our Introductory Guide To Colour, you will have an understanding of just how emotive and powerful colour can be. Colour plays a huge role in how we feel about a space, especially our personal spaces. During 2020, work and home life have begun to merge, therefore it is only right that we make our homes look and feel as beautiful and calming as possible.

Following the announcement of Dulux’s 2021 Colour of the Year ‘Brave Ground’, Benjamin Moore’s ’Aegean Teal’ and Valspar’s ‘2021 Collection’, the consensus is that we are heading towards creating homes where we can relax, recharge, and feel at ease. Clean and dreamy tones allow for clarity to take place within the home and provides a haven where new ideas can be imagined, as opposed to bolder colours which tend to seek attention and start a conversation.

By using a colour palette which includes soft neutral tones, it offers tons of flexibility and permits you to explore and experiment. The simplicity of gentle tones acts as a foundational base for your space, which you can build upon with other natural textures such as wood and jute to create a loveable home that you can feel comfortable in.

Whether you are looking for a new tile colour or want to form a cosy nook, upgrading your space with optimistic tones which reflect elements of nature are ideal for providing an eurythmic setting that can uplift your mood, boost productivity, and bring about peace.

Earlier this year we spoke to colour specialist and co-founder of COATPaint Rob Green, who shared his colour predictions for 2021. “We will continue to see a shift away from the greys to warmer, more colourful tones, which does represent the need for joy and playfulness or just a big hug!”.

A pattern 2020 has taught us is that uncertainty and change can impact heavily on your health and well-being. Using optimistic colours within areas of your home can improve not only your homes aesthetic but also your level of joy and playfulness.

From kitchen cabinet colours to the walls of your home office, there is a joyful and playful paint colour to suit all.

Selecting the perfect colours, shades and tones is a key ingredient in helping to create a happy home. Here are three ways you can set the tone for your home:

1. Say Bye-Bye to Beige

For decades we have seen the colour beige work flawlessly throughout the home, we have even seen its descendent ‘greige’ become a trend. As we approach 2021, it is time for beige to exit the stage and welcome in much warmer tones.

Switch out the beige elements within your home by using warmer shades of brown such as honey, tan, caramel, and toffee. This warmer palette aids in creating a restful aura and used as a backdrop on your walls can give an inviting appeal and a literal warm welcome.

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/369435975688857495/

2. Filthy Rich

One of the benefits of integrating a soft neutral hue within your space is that you can lift and accentuate them with deep rich tones. Earthy colours such as almond, mushroom and stone pair beautifully with luscious shades like ochre, plum, terracotta, olive, and ruby. If you are looking to give your home an impressive modern twist, paint your walls in an ivory shade, as it pairs superbly with an ochre armchair and soft neutral accessories. The trio of rich, warm, and soft tones creates a harmonious balance that looks stunning all year round.

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/369435975688857495/

3. Let’s Talk Accents

Now that you have your base colour(s) set, what are the best accents to complement a soft, warm, and neutral palette? Metallics like brass and gold, as well as pale woods such as maple and ash work wonderfully. Also, consider rustic textures to give your space a laid back feel. Experiment with creating contemporary and luxe interior looks by blending contrasting fabrics. Introduce leather with silk to give an edgy feel to your home, or perhaps velvet with linen to create a refined mood - these winning combinations work amazingly in any room.

Photo source: www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/746823550695842785/


How do you plan on embracing softer tones in 2021?

Our talented designers can help to effortlessly soften and neutralise your space.

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by Keleisha Simpson

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