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‘Tidy home, tidy mind’. Meet Iman, our home organiser expert.

Do you find it stressful thinking about decluttering or reorganizing your home? Do you struggle to keep your space tidy and clean?

Did you know there are experts out there to assist you and bring space saving, mind clearing techniques to your daily life?

In this blog article we’d like to introduce you to our resident expert on home organisation, Iman Allen, founder of Out of Hoarder. Iman started Out of Hoarder after recognising that her methodical approach to keeping a home in order was more than just necessity in life. Rather, she had skills that many lacked and saw an opportunity to help others live better lives by teaching them new methods for storing possessions and improving processes at home.

We recently interviewed Iman and are pleased to share her story and words of organisational wisdom with you today.


NUA x DESIGN: What EXACTLY does a professional organiser do? 

Iman: A professional organiser works with you and helps you organise your home. We provide storage solutions and ideas so that everything in your home has a place and ensure that your home can function efficiently and effectively for you and your family. Each professional organiser will have a different approach and an area of expertise, but essentially we create and implement a practical and realistic organisation system with the aim of encouraging long term changes so you’ll never have to look for your keys again! Think of us as the personal trainers at the gym!

N: How did you get into professional organisation?

I: I got obsessed with organising when I fell pregnant with my first child in 2012 and had to make a nursery for him. My friends would always comment and wonder how our 2 bedroom flat was always so well organised and clutter free, especially after my daughter came along a couple of years later! I never really saw organising as a profession, just as something that I love and do and I actually thought that everyone lived the same way I did. So it took about 4 years of pushing and prodding by my friends for me to be convinced that I might actually be able to turn my passion into a job! Out of Hoarder was born in 2017 and I’ve been working on building and launching it ever since, but with 2 kids it’s not been the easiest of journeys!

N: Why is it important to have an organised home?

I: I always say that being organised is good for the soul! My tag line is tidy home, tidy mind. Being organised does amazing things for your mindset. It reduces stress and increases productivity. It definitely gives you clarity and peace of mind.

N: What are the most common challenges / problems you notice when you start with a new client?

I: you’re probably expecting me to say decluttering and letting things go but no! Many of the challenges I face with clients is their mindset. A lot of them believe that being organised or organising means being perfect which isn’t the case at all. So they feel defeated before they’ve even begun. My challenge in this case is teaching them to strive for progress and never perfection and helping them get started.

N: What do you think of the new Minimalist trend?

I: I am a big fan and I love a white wall! You can’t be organised if you don’t apply minimalism. Adapting minimalist concepts is unavoidable if you’d like to be more organised i.e not filling up every bit of space, not “hiding” stuff, decluttering unnecessary items. Less is definitely more!

N: If you could only give people one piece of advice about home storage/organisation, what would it be?  

I: Make sure you have a place for everything and always put things back where they belong!

N: What are your top 3 tips for people who are looking to organise their home in a serious way for the first time? 


- Organise in zones and start with a place you find least overwhelming

- Don’t buy storage until you’ve decluttered and repurposed what you already have if possible.

- Parcel fold and invest in velvet hangers!

N: Can you explain for our readers who might be intrigued why velvet hangers?

I: The first thing I recommend for any wardrobe reorganisation is velvet hangers! They are great space savers, are non-slip so they hold clothes in place which means no more dusty clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe! They are a really simple and cost effective way to give any wardrobe a great face lift! They’re also available for children’s clothing!


An Introduction to Organisation by Out of Hoarder:

Having an organised home is far more than just having a well organised space with everything having a place. It’s about your state of mind.

No matter the situation it’s never too late to get organised, but moving into a new home is a great opportunity to declutter and start thinking about and applying an effective organisational system that works for you and your family. Whether you’re single, have a partner or have children, there is something for everyone.

The way you “live” will dictate how things need to be organised to help you each day. One of the first things I would ask is for you to talk me through your daily routine. What do you do when you wake up? What about your bathroom routine? What’s the first thing you reach for when you go into your kitchen? Do you put your coat or shoes on first? Etc...

So with that in mind, really think about how you use all of your living spaces and how much stuff you really need. This is essential before you start thinking about or buying storage systems and solutions.

By Iman Allen


Iman will be a regular in our posts sharing her expert advice, top tips, and specific tidying tools for each room within the home.

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