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This Autumn, fall in love with ‘Amoureuse’.

This autumn we’ve curated an unapologetic oasis in Notting Hill for fashion designer Manon Planche. This vibrant event, full of feminism and art, was Manon’s first solo pop-up, launching her latest collection during London Fashion Week.

Collaboration is at the heart of NUA x DESIGN DNA, so when Manon approached us to help curate her pop-up event, we instinctively knew we wanted to bring together as many artists and brands as possible to bring to life her universe.

We wanted the space to reflect Manon’s unique identity and find ways to power it up by colliding it with other creative universes. We curated artworks from 9 emerging female artists, mixes of retro and futuristic decor that we featured and sold in the pop-up.

We also wanted to make the space truly unique by facilitating the creation of a custom wall mural in the space. We’ve teamed up with artist Alice Humphreys, an incredible talented artist & illustrator from Brighton, and emerging paint brand Coat Paints to create a unique piece of work, full of bold & unapologetic colours.

The mural created by Alice Humphreys for Manon Planche.

Paint by Coat Paints - featuring our limited edition paint 'Amoureuse'

And this is where the magic happened!

While we were sourcing colours for the mural, we discussed making it even more unique and Coat Paints suggested creating a bespoke colour for the occasion. This is how AMOUREUSE was born. This bright af pink is bold and unapologetic. AMOUREUSE means ‘In love’ in French and is all about love, bravery and radical honesty.

For Coat Paints this represents the creation of their very first ‘Number 31’ colour, which is a monthly limited edition colour inspired by real people with real stories.

This limited edition was brought to life in exclusive partnership between our brands and we’re all excited to bring you AMOUREUSE, only available until the end of October at Coat paints.

The flexibility and energy brought by having start-ups working together allowed for some super fast-moving innovation. From idea to install, AMOUREUSE was launched in just two weeks and had us all falling in love.

You may love it, or love to hate it, either way we hope you feel the love that’s been poured into the paint and the stories of those involved in its creation.

The NUA x DESIGN Team x


About Manon

Manon Planche is a future-forward fashion designer who believes fashion is art and aims to encourage her customers to be bold, confident, and expressive in their unique identities by wearing fun, playful designs. Manon upcycles denim in her most recent collection to create bespoke garments that are either ready-to-wear or made-to-order, with each piece designed and handcrafted in London. Her products find beauty in the past by upcycling denim that would otherwise end up in landfills and breathes new love and new life into them to create show stopping garments.

Learn more about her and her collection:

About Coat Paints

Coat paints is an emerging interior paint brand looking to bring you instant insta-worthy spaces, with no hassle. Their killer-curated colour palette simplifies the decision making process and delivers both samples and paint straight to your door. Their colour palette is extremely well curated and only features 30 colour + 1 limited edition every month; and all responsibly made!

Discover their incredible palette here:


Interested in bringing a bit of fun into your home with fresh bold colours?

Contact our team to book your colour consultation today.

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