Step-by-Step Guide: How To Achieve The Boho Look In Your Home

Unique, effortless and laid-back are just a few words to describe the Boho interior style. From high-end to high-street, Boho is a style that has swept across many industries and is not going anywhere. With the Boho theme in mind when it comes to designing and styling, there are various design styles you could choose to incorporate in your home. You could opt for a minimal Boho chic haven, a clean Scandi-Boho room or an eclectic and colourful maximalist Boho space. That is the beauty of the Boho style, it can tell any story you would like it to.

In this post, we’ll guide you through what you need to know about the Boho trend and how to achieve the look in your home.

Essential Boho Materials

So, what are the characteristics of the Boho interior style?

  1. Wood

Wood is a natural element and staple material when it comes to the Boho style. Not only do wooden pieces add warmth to a room, but they also add character and depth. Typically, a Boho styled space will feature light woods such as maple and pine as they generate airiness.

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2. Rattan

From lounge chairs to pendant lights, you cannot define Boho without mentioning rattan. Commonly woven into a wicker style, rattan is popular due to its sustainability, durability, and versatility. In addition to being a popular material for indoor furniture, rattan is perfect for outdoor furniture too.

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3. Handmade Fabrics

Inspired by artists, the Boho style is centred around originality and creativity. Handmade ethnic fabrics can be seen throughout many Boho-inspired homes and are a great way to embrace cultures and patterns. One of the most common designs is the Aztec pattern.

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Iconic Boho Pieces

Now that you are all caught up with Boho basics, let us take it back and delve into a few past iconic Boho pieces. Authentic Boho furniture and furnishings have a story to tell and are often pre-owned. Here is a selection of iconic vintage Boho pieces we have hand-picked for you on furniture marketplace Vinterior:

Berber Rugs

If you have not seen this renowned rug on your social media feed, where have you been? Commonly handmade from wool for a soft touch, Berber style rugs originated over 1,000 years ago from the Moroccan Beni Ouarain tribe and have been a top pick ever since.

Explore a wide range of vintage and modern Boho Berber rugs here - You won’t rug-ret it!

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Juju Hats

Hailing from Cameroon and worn during traditional African ceremonies, Juju hats have a great sense of honour and dignity attached to them. These breathtaking works of art transform into outstanding wall hangings that bring texture and personality to any Boho-inspired space.

Do you want to make a statement with your wall hangings? Shop an affordable turquoise option here.

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Emmanuelle Peacock Chair

This seating option has been increasingly popular since the ’70s due to its large high-back portraying a peacock’s splayed tail. Much like the Emmy Cane chair and the leather Butterfly chair, this iconic rattan wicker style chair is a must-have furniture piece that pays homage to the Boho style. If you love a combination of Mid-Century and Boho, then the peacock chair is perfect for you. Shop similar styles here.

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Bamboo Sun Mirror

You cannot accessorise your space Boho style without including a bamboo sunburst mirror. These gorgeous wall centrepieces are a typical French style furnishing from the ‘50s to the ‘70s and can fit seamlessly into a modern home today. Does this mirror best reflect your style? Explore a selection of sun mirrors here.

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Wood Beaded Chandeliers

No Boho home is complete without lighting. Wood beaded chandeliers are a muted take on the glamorous crystal chandelier and have been lighting up homes for decades since rising to fame during the late ‘60s.

Although the Boho style primarily focuses on natural light, this form of lighting creates a soft sun-like glow once the sun goes down. Take a browse through a selection of Boho-inspired lighting here.

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Style It Boho

If you intend to achieve the Boho aesthetic in your space, here are five simple ways to get started:

Think Texture

If there is one fundamental thing you need to know about a Boho-inspired space, it is that it never lacks texture! From macramé tapestry to woven baskets, there are a variety of ways you can engage your touch sense and create a new atmosphere. One of the easiest ways to do this is by keeping your wall colours neutral or muted and adding textured furniture pieces such as a wicker swing chair to do all the talking.

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Earthy Tones

To create a Boho space, you must always keep in mind warmth. Emerald, mustard, gold, terracotta and soft tan are all tones which shout Boho and play with soft and natural light within a space. The rawness of the earthy tones used in this open-plan living room setup creates a calming balance between ancient and modern in the same breath.

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Layer Up

When it comes to the Boho interior style, ‘more is more’. Layering your soft furnishings such as throws, and cushions not only adds character but also creates a cosy environment.

Layering rugs within your living space is a trend which makes an instant creative statement as well as helping to define a zone. Roll out a natural Jute rug topped with a Ziegler rug to create a beautiful Boho combo.

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Play with Pattern

Just like textures, no Boho space is complete without a form of pattern. Patterns and a burst of colour help to refresh a space and harmonise flawlessly with earthy tones.

Do not be afraid to mix patterns within the same space. Whether you want to combine

Japanese-inspired paper lanterns with a Moroccan Beni Ourain rug or pair a rattan lampshade with a crochet duvet set, there are no rules or limits.

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Get Planting

The Boho style is all about the essence of nature. Think about it, when have you ever seen a Boho room without at least one single plant? Whether artificial or real, plants are an effortless technique of sprinkling a dose of ‘Botanical Boho’ into your home. Aside from adding visual interest to your space, plants also help to purify the air, reduce stress, and increase calmness. Plants = Positive vibes!

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Are you a fan of the Boho style? Our team of talented interior designers are just a few clicks away from helping you create your Boho dream home. Get in touch here

by Keleisha Simpson

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