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Picking the Perfect Paint Colour

Whether you love colour or prefer a layered neutral look in your home, picking the right colour scheme and paint can be a daunting experience.

The colours and materials in a space can massively alter the impact of a room, so it’s important to get it right. Colour also affects how you feel, your energy levels and the mood of the space. So the decision is more than an aesthetic one.

Photo Source: NUA x DESIGN

Most people know whether they want neutrals or colours on their walls and have a slight understanding of their personal interior style. However, if you’re completely stuck and don’t know where to start, you might want to consult a decorator, stylist or designer. But first, check out our 8-step process below that might just give you the confidence to pick your paint colour!

Photo Source: NUA x DESIGN

8 Steps to Picking YOUR Perfect Paint Colour:

1. Ask yourself how you want to feel in the space. Note the top one or two feelings you hope to experience while in the room.

2. List out the main activities you conduct in the space and consider the moods & energy levels most useful for those tasks. (For example in a lounge or bedroom you may want to feel calm, relaxed and restful. Meanwhile, in a kitchen or office you want to feel awake, energised, and focused.)

3. Determine what times of day you spend the most time in the room. Then, observe the amount and angles of natural light that enter the room at the times of day you occupy it most. Colour doesn’t exist without light, so considering the amount and types of light in the room are very important. Is there natural light? If so, how much and direction do the windows face? Understanding and observing the light in the room over time will help you decide the value or shade of the colour you’d like to use.

4. Combine the insight from steps 1-3 to understand the feelings and functions of the room, as well as how the light fills the room. If you don’t know much about colour theory, do a bit of research to consider which colours will provide you with the mood and help you perform tasks in the space. Alternatively, this a great time to work with a designer or stylist to learn from their knowledge and expertise on the matter.

5. Once you have defined the right hue for your room that will help entice the right feelings and energy levels, it’s time to consider paint suppliers and brands. Research brands to determine which match your values on sustainability, chemistry, and price point.

6. Create a shortlist of suppliers and start ordering samples! If you’re new to painting interiors, test multiple brands and finishes to figure out what you like. Don’t be afraid to test large areas of a wall if you’re using sample pots. If you go with brands who supply peel and stick swatches, consider fixing them to a wall with tape instead, so you can test multiple parts of the room, as lighting casts the colour differently on each wall in a space.

7. Let it simmer! Spend a few days observing the colour at different times of day to really see how the changes in light affect the colour. While observing, consider the time of year it is as well. If you live somewhere where there is less light during the winter days, and more light in the summer, keep this in mind.

8. Make your final selection and order your perfect paint!

Still stuck? Or, want to create a multicolour scheme?

Check out colour stories that paint companies have created that mix 3-4 different colours. These schemes have been curated by designers and colour specialists, making it easy to pick a theme for a room with ease and confidence. Then all you need to do is select the placement of each colour! (If this seems overwhelming, consider consulting a professional.)


Interested in pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, consider hiring NUA x DESIGN for a colour consultation or style defining service, where we can discuss and explore a cohesive colour scheme to transform your home!


By Emily Eby

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