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How to create the perfect gallery wall

Feeling intimidated by the idea of creating your own gallery wall? You’re definitely not alone. It can be hard to know where to start and they can be quite tricky, especially when you're confronted with a blank wall and endless possibility, but whatever your budget, I’ve got some tips to help get you started.

There’s a reason why we all love a gallery wall. They’re a timeless & super versatile way to fill a space, and a great way to add some colour and personality to a room, all whilst showcasing who you are and what you love - no paint required. Grab yourself a hammer, some hooks & some art and you’re good to go.

1- Source the right art

This is really key to creating a great gallery wall. There’s no rush so steer away from buying a load of stuff at once and try to source pieces from a range of places. It should look like a curated ‘collection’ of things and include a mixture of sizes and styles. Be creative. Anything can be ‘art’ and a great gallery wall doesn’t have to be just pictures - You can add in objects, photographs, postcards, and other personal items to create something really unique and personal to you! Why not save keepsakes from memorable moments or pop your favourite ceramic piece on display? Using a mix of horizontal & vertical pieces will also help to keep it interesting, so try not to feel confined by shape!


2 - Define Your Colour Palette

By no means do you need to stick to a strict colour palette, but thinking about your space and how the colours of each piece work together is vital in creating a gallery wall that works and feels cohesive.

You could select 2-3 colours to run though as a general theme, or if your style is more minimal use pattern and typography instead to create interest.

Don’t forget about frames. The right frame will elevate your piece of artwork, and a mix of textures and colours here will help to tie everything together. The more pieces you’re working with, the more flexibility you have with frame choices.


3 - Find the layout that works for you

There tends to be two approaches to creating a gallery wall. Aligned in a grid-like format, often with more symmetry and cleaner lines for a more formal look or a ‘messy’, slightly eclectic arrangement. This option has much less structure, generally includes a wider range of styles and tends to look more relaxed.

Once you have the collection of artwork and objects you want to use, the best way to start is to measure out your wall and mark that up with tape on your floor. You can then arrange your pieces within that space, playing around with placement until you find something that works for you! Remember to take pictures as you go so you can go back to them.

If you want to see how this composition works on the wall, use paper the size of each print so that you can take a step back and see how it looks.

No idea what you’re doing?

Try placing your largest piece just off-centre and go from there. This creates an anchor which you can arrange smaller pieces around and helps to draw your eye around the wall rather than focusing on a central point.

There are lots of templates online too if you need inspiration.


If you’re going symmetrical, I’d recommend you use the same frames and stick to a consistent measurement between them. You can be a little more sporadic with a relaxed arrangement but make sure you keep a curated eye over the whole thing so it stays visually inspiring without being out of control. Always use a level to keep everything straight.


Another simple way to create a gallery wall is to use a picture ledge which is much less pressured as you have the flexibility to move art around.


A great gallery wall takes time and planning but remember to have fun with it. There’s no right way to do it so experiment and see what you come up with!


Whether you need help sourcing the perfect art for your wall or want some more advise on how to create the perfect gallery wall and make your room feel cohesive our team can help you. Get in touch with us to start designing your dream home here


By Callie Pettigrew

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