Deck the Halls, Keep Costs Small 🎄🎁

Between food prepping, gift-giving and party planning, the festive season can get pricey quickly; but for many of us, Christmas 2020 will be a holiday season like no other.

Following the turbulence of this year, many have adapted to living with less and become more conscious and eco-sensitive. From upcycling to recycling, there are various ways you can still deck the halls this season whilst keeping your costs low.

Whether you are somebody who will be hosting festivities this year for your social bubble, or not hosting at all, we have outlined 7 easy ways you can get into the Christmas spirit and celebrate whilst respecting your budget - Happy holidays!

1- Centre of Attention

Make your first Christmas of the decade one to remember by allowing your tablescape to be the main attraction. The dining table is where your loved ones will gather for a good meal and quality time, so it is the perfect spot for your décor to spark conversation. Fill up a couple of hurricane style jars with festive ornaments such as twigs, pine cones and tree picks, place them In between a garland or a wreath and watch your tablescape flourish. An inexpensive centrepiece is the perfect way of giving your dining table a Wintery makeover and will also give your guests something to talk about.

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2 - DIY Gift Wrap

Live sustainably and cut down on plastic this Christmas by creating your very own DIY gift wrap. If you have little ones, this is a fun activity for them to explore their creativity and add a further personal touch to gift-giving. All you will need to get started is brown kraft paper, your chosen paint colour(s), a paintbrush, ribbon/twine and a gift tag. Begin by wrapping your gift securely in kraft paper, follow up by illustrating a festive design with your paint colours (themed stamps are a great way to achieve a cohesive look). Once your painted design has dried, garnish your gift with a decorative ribbon and gift tag and you are all done - It is super easy!

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3 - Go Smaller

Whether you are low on floor space or just want to practise minimalism this year, a smaller tree is one of the easiest ways to create a Winter wonderland whilst on a budget. There is no need to splash the cash on a 7ft tree this year, a smaller Christmas tree costs less and still has the same impact of adding a pop of greenery and nature to your home. With a mini tabletop Christmas tree, you can sprinkle the spirit of Christmas throughout all rooms of your home, from kitchens to entryways right through to bedrooms - they are the perfect way to dress up your home and add a whimsical touch.

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4 - Edible Decorations

Who said décor could not be edible? From in-expensive baked goods such as gingerbread houses and gingerbread men to candy canes and dried citrus fruits, there are countless ways how you can festively decorate your living space whilst incorporating a sweet treat or two. Save yourself some pennies by placing your chosen sliced citrus fruit into the oven until the pieces have dried out, poke a hole into the top of each slice and then weave them through the length of some twine and ribbon. Not only does this garland lean into the rustic décor trend, but your home will smell amazingly festive too!

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5 - Let it Glow

Recently we shared the importance of having the right ambience within your space, and this festive season is no exception. A warm winter glow is just what is needed to uplift your mood and bring about the holiday cheer.

A set of string lights dotted throughout a garland of Christmas cards you have received is a great way to highlight your festive well wishes. Alternatively, you could add a twinkle to your table display by upcycling old wine bottles and transforming them into candlestick holders. Simply replace the wine label with wrapping paper or a bow and place your favourite tapered candle into the neck of the bottle. #CandlePower

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6 - Coffee Filter Snowflakes

If you are a coffee drinker, chances are you will have one or two coffee filters laying around your kitchen.This season, repurpose them and transform them into magical snowflake decorations to string across your house to create your very own Winter wonderland. Simply fold your coffee filter in half three times and cut out a few shapes (you can find a series of free snowflake templates and patterns online to help guide you). Unfold your filter and enjoy! If you are spending time with kids this Christmas, why not get them involved and decorate each snowflake with a sprinkle of glitter so that it shimmers every time it catches the light.

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7 - Snowman Lightbulb

Do you have a lightbulb which recently burnt out? Don’t toss it, save it and save some money this December by creating a unique Christmas tree ornament. With just a few materials, your snowman lightbulb can help to brighten up your tree. Begin by sourcing the accessories you would like your snowman to wear, as well as a piece of twine or ribbon to help hang your ornament. Once you have chosen your accessories, use an adhesive to help dress your lightbulb snowman. Once dried, tie a piece of twine or ribbon around the neck of your lightbulb and hang it onto your tree!

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by Keleisha Simpson

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