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Beautiful Bathrooms

Update yours without breaking the bank

Bathrooms are quite important, and probably the busiest room in the home after the kitchen. However, a lot of them are relatively unattractive and not very functional. The bathroom needs to work for the whole family as well as guests, so aesthetics matter too!

Photo Source: @katemarkerinteriors

We don’t always spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so it’s also a place to make an impact or have more fun with colour & pattern. A statement loo is always a fun way to impress your visitors.

Photo Source: @stella.interiors

Now let’s get to it and explore a few ways to update a bathroom without breaking the bank!

10 simple tips to make your bathroom feel new:

1. Regrout, in colour!

Add a pop of colour or contrasting neutral grout to make your tiling look fresh and fabulous. There are now dozens of colours available on the market, so have some fun with this trend.

Photo Source: Houzz

2. Update your soft furnishings.

Replace the shower curtain and bath mats with quality textiles in a fresh new design or texture.

Photo Source: @cdmacrame

3. Add a bit of wallpaper.

We dare you to go bold! It’s a smaller space so even if you go for a small bit of wall, it will make a statement in the room.

Photo Source: @lisaandleroy

4. Repaint your walls.

Consider adding contrasting trim, painting the ceiling a different colour, or adding some painted designs to at least one wall. A coloured wall can transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

Photo Source: @eyeforpretty

5. Add greenery!

Plants do quite well in bathrooms, since they tend to be moist and humid compared to the rest of your home. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, an easy-care plant will do wonders to breathe life into your bathroom and most likely survive.

Photo Source: @archidesiign

6. Paint your existing tiles!

Whether you’re after a new colour or adding a bit of pattern, one weekend of DIY can take your plain old tiles and make them look like you’ve properly renovated the space. Just make sure you use a paint that won’t scratch or peel off easily, or use a sealing coat to lock in your new design.

Photo Source: @cuttingedgestencils

7. Add a mirror or update the one you have.

Mirrors help to bounce light around a room, so if your bathroom is quite small mirrors can help brighten up the space. If you don’t have space for additional mirrors, update your existing one with a larger one or more decorative design to add a bit more style and personality to your design.

Photo Source: @mydiyhappyhome

8. Change your lighting.

Option 1 - simply swap out your current light source with a similar type, but fresher style that enhances the vibe of the room. Lighting is a great way to add artistic and sculptural elements to a room.

Photo Source: @lighting_design_company

Option 2 - Invest in a visit from an electrician to rewire and add a new light source. Multiple layers of light in a bathroom are great for getting ready, and it allows for a bit of mood lighting for those lovely nights where there’s time for a bubble bath! Decorative wall sconces on either side of a mirror really take a bathroom design to the next level.

Always make sure you use light fixtures that are certified for bathrooms and that they are placed the appropriate distance from all water sources.

Photo Source: @takemehomecedarroad

9. Update & coordinate your towels.

Fresh, soft towels are such a simple pleasure in life. Give your set an update to coordinate with your new design scheme. Store them in an open format so that they can add colour and texture to your visual design.

Photo Source: @houseofjude

10. Upcycle your cabinets.

A simple coat of paint and some new hardware can make your cabinetry feel brand new and maybe even a completely different style. If you’re willing to splash a bit more cash, consider adding a panelled look to the face of your cabinets and drawers.

Photo Source: @thehousebehindthewhitehorn


Ready for for a mini-makeover in your bathroom, but need extra help? Book a consultation today for expert advice or to plan a styling service with us.


By Emily Eby

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