A Guide to Sourcing & Selecting Artwork

Is a room truly complete if there isn’t a single art piece incorporated? With the holiday season well underway and the year 2022 on the horizon, why not update and restyle your space with the help of some new art.

Photo Source: Illoustration

Artwork can give your living space character and a sense of warmth that can help to transform and personalise your space. Think about it, when you walk into a room with empty walls, you get the feeling that the room is unfinished and a blank canvas; as opposed to a room furnished with artwork or prints which makes the room feel appealing, complete, and distinctive. Aside from being able to wear your personality on the walls, there are so

many other pros to owning a piece of art.

We have come such a long way from a world where art felt like it was for insiders only. Below we are sharing just how accessible it can be with our very own guide to sourcing and selecting artwork.

How To Start Building Your Collection

For some, sourcing and selecting artwork may be for decorative purposes, for others it may be due to genuine love and passion for the artists’ work, whilst for others, it may be an investment piece to earn from. Whatever the reason, buying art doesn’t have to be intimidating nor daunting.

Here are a few easy tips to help you curate an art collection:

Explore and educate

Get out and explore as much as you can!

Whether it’s via browsing online stores or spending weekends at your local art museum or gallery; the more art that you come across, the more you will develop a keen eye for designs that you like, which can, in turn, help you make a clear decision ahead of purchasing.

Size and shape

It may sound obvious, but before building your art collection, it is worth bearing in mind the practicality of your desired art piece.

Ask yourself a few questions such as, ‘How much wall/tabletop space do I have in the said room?’ ‘Would this piece work well in a space with low natural light?’ ‘Would this complement my current decor?’ etc. Remember, it’s always wise to have your wall dimensions to hand as well as a photo of the space you plan on placing your art in.

Art is the voice of the heart!

Whether it’s work from an emerging artist or an established artist - if you love it, make it yours!

Art can be healing and therapeutic as well as an extension of your persona, so why not buy a piece that best reflects you. The key to a well-rounded design is to furnish and enhance your home with art that you adore and will inspire you to continue to build your collection.

Photo Source: The Poster Club

Where To Source Your Artwork

From art galleries such as Mall Galleries, to boot sales, auctions, decorative fairs and online stores like Fy! and King & McGaw, there are countless outlets for you to acquire your new art piece from. Below are just a handful of our vetted suggestions:

  • Alice Humphreys A UK based artist specialising in art, murals, illustrations, poster design, graphic design and more!

  • East End Prints Based in East London, East End Prints is a small publishing house with a curated collection of graphic art prints and limited editions online.

  • Illoustration A London-based, minimalistic illustrator and painter of nature, travel, and architecture; traditionally based in gouache, acrylic and watercolour on paper and canvas.

Photo Source: Alice Humphreys


What art pieces do you plan on garnishing your space with this holiday season?

Let us know in the comments below.


by Keleisha Simpson

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