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8 Clever Ways to Make Your Small Space Bigger

Whether it’s your dorm room, your first apartment, or an unused guest room, we’ve all experienced a smaller scaled room at some point in time.

A compact space in a home can sometimes frame a sense of disorganisation and chaos, especially if it’s a shared accommodation or a high-traffic zone such as an open-plan living space. If you’re pressed for storage space or have an awkwardly shaped room, don’t panic. It’s 100% fixable - that’s right, you totally can be living large in a small space!

Below is a list of eight ways to make your small room appear bigger:

1. Clear The Clutter

First things first, get rid of the clutter!

An instant way to make the most out of your small space is to view it in all of its glory. Having too many possessions in one limited space can make your home look overcrowded - and there’s nothing that makes a tight space feel even tighter than a medley of clutter.

With your items methodically arranged and out of sight, your small space can feel more orderly and open within the blink of an eye.

Photo source: I Am Style-ish

2. Multipurpose Furniture

Where room space is limited, you must have furniture that fits in your home like a glove!

Furniture pieces such as wall desks, nesting tables, storage ottomans, and drop-leaf tables are some of the most functional and space-saving furniture pieces you can use to help maximize your space and enhance the practicality of your day-to-day life.

TIP: Wheeled storage is the way to go when you have limited space in your home. You can use an open-wheeled cart for almost anything and any room.

Photo Source: GoodMoodWoods - Etsy

3. Quirky Corner and Wall Storage

Make the most out of every nook and cranny in your home by decorating the corners and the walls of your room with some snug shelving.

Instead of placing the majority of your furniture in the middle of the room, make use of the corners within your confined area to help make your space feel more


A clever storage hack to consider is corner shelving units, or you can even use the back of a door as a source of nifty hideaway storage.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

4. Go Transparent

By using materials that you can vividly see-through, you indirectly make your room feel more spacious.

For instance, switching out an opaque dining room table for a frameless glass one in a tiny dining area is a clever way of adding a dose of drama lifting visual weight out of the room.

The table will be the same size, but the look and feel of the room will be completely different as sunlight will be filtered through to the floor, generating a spacey appearance.

Photo Source: You Magazine

5. A Splash of Paint

Did you know, the use of colour can make all the difference in your home?!

When it comes to compact spaces, it’s always suitable to opt for airy and light colours to help open up the room and allow light to radiate through.

Avoid any vivid or dark paint and wallcoverings - think neutral and lighter tones.

If you’re struggling with choosing the right colour for your home, check out our introductory guide to colour.

Photo Source: Dulux

6. Upright Greenery

No garden? That’s no problem!

Take advantage of any bare wall in your home with a vertical garden wall featuring hanging potted plants without the need of having to consume any floor or counter space.

With the help of some greenery, your space can look and feel both more open and zen.

Photo Source: Pinterest

7. Mirror Mirror On the Wall

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book but installing a mirror on your wall does create the illusion of a larger space.

When positioned correctly, a mirror can instantly reflect natural and artificial light. Additionally, an oversized mirror is faultless for bouncing light around your interior and doubling up your space; making those enclosed areas seem much larger.

Photo Source: LD Shoppe

8. Go Magnetic

What do you do when you’re low on counter space, but you do have wall

space? Use magnets.

To make the most out of your small space, apply a self-adhesive magnetic caddy to the tiles in your bathroom to deposit your everyday cosmetic items. You could even install a magnetic strip to a wall in your kitchen or a magnetic block stand to store your knife set.

Or you could go a step further and use magnetic paint or wallpaper in your small office to hang all your notes. Don’t you just love science?

Photo Source: Home Designing


Ready to transform your small space? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of services here to get started with a newly designed home.


by Keleisha Simpson

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