7 Ultimate Tips for a refreshing 2021 Spring Clean

It is the start of Spring 2021, which means it is time for a fresh start. So, what better way to kick off the new season than with a refreshing Spring clean. As the days get longer, the weather improves and flowers begin to blossom, there is no better time to roll up your sleeves and begin your cleaning session.

Here are 7 ultimate tips to help you refresh your living space this Spring season:

1. Go Lightweight

When it comes to Spring, we tend to associate the season with pastel shades and sunnier days, so let’s keep the light flowing from outside and bring it inside too. Put away your thick and fluffy upholstery and switch them over to lighter sheer materials such as voile and chiffon to help let the light in. Not only will this create a more airy and open indoor space, but it can be a real mood-booster too! TIP: The addition of mirrors and light wall decor/artwork can also help to create an airy and instant less cluttered space - perfect for a clutter-free season.

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2. Co-Ordinate

Whether it is your closet space, pantry area or home office, coordination is a key part of organisation. Begin by separating your ‘keep’ items into colours or categories - this step allows you to visually see how many items you actually have and are willing to keep.

You can then break these down into subcategories and place them into transparent containers. This helps to not only create a neat look, but also allows you to monitor clutter!

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3. Go High!

When it comes to organising, some spaces may not have the luxury of width. In these instances, take advantage of height and depth and utilise your wall space with concealed or open shelving.

TIP: Place your possessions onto a shelf with your least used items boxed and stored away towards the back or at the top of the shelf. Then stage your most used items at the bottom or towards the front at an easy-access level.

For more simple storage solutions, check out our spatial planning article here.

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4. Less is More

As you spend time decluttering and cleaning, the goal to bear in mind, is to always leave ample room for growth, such as shelf space.

There will always come a time when new items are needed throughout your home, so it is wise to have a space for them to be housed, as and when they are required.

As minimalist expert and author Francine Jay once said, “Minimalism is asking why, before you buy.”

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5. Pops of Colour

As we all eagerly await to arrive at the end of the UK lockdown roadmap, which was announced back in February, your home may still look as if it is still in an Autumnal or Wintery phase.

Making a few small yet colourful changes can make all the difference to help brighten and liven up your home for Spring. From replacing things such as your tableware, towels, and artwork, it can really help to transform your space ahead of the warmer months

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6. Add the Smell Goods

Give your newly clean and freshly decluttered space an added bonus with a welcoming and memorable scent. From lavender scented sachets hung onto your clothes rail, to your favourite citrus diffuser in the kitchen, creating a significant scent is the perfect way to sign off your Spring clean session.

For more tips on how to create welcoming moods with the addition of scents, take a read of our ambience and scents article here.

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7. Pay It Forward!

There is no better time than now to give back and donate to your community. Carefully gather and label all of your unwanted and unloved items and drop them off at your local or favourite charity/second-hand shop (depending on your chosen location, they may allow you to book a home collection). Not only is donating a heart-warming gesture, but everybody wins in the end.


Are you ready for Spring/Summer 2021?

Let us know in the comment box below when you plan on setting a date for your Spring-cleaning.

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by Keleisha Simpson

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