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7 tips to nurture your relationship with your home in 2021

2021 is here and unfortunately didn't bring the new year that we were all hoping for. After spending so much time at home last year, the perspective of being stuck at home for a few more months is not how we wanted to start the year, but we’re determined to start this one positively and find ways to spice up our life at home!

Like any relationship, you & your home need a little kick to keep the flame alive. Consider these 7 tips to help you nurture your relationship with your home in 2021 and live happily ever after.

1- Start with a little detox

Why wait for spring for a good home clean? Just making your home clean can be enough to feel great without changing anything else. It can also help boost energy and create a calm environment, which can benefit mental health. Think about it, it will free you up some time to catch up with life once the pandemic is over :)

For more tips on home organisation, read our blog article here.

2 - Don’t work where you sleep

No meetings this morning and tempted to work from bed? Don’t.

Every scientist, health professional or interior designer would recommend the same advice: it’s key to separate work from personal life. The Division of Sleep at Harvard showed that keeping computers and work materials out of your bedroom will strengthen your mental association between your bedroom and sleep, therefore helping you to relax, increase the quality of your sleep and your productivity. You should try to create a dedicated office space in your home that you can call your own. If you don’t have the space, the local coffee shop or co-working space is a good place to start separate work from home life (when we’re allowed to access those places of course).

3 - Refresh your decor with accessories

You’ve been sitting in your flat for almost a year now. Are you getting a bit bored with the vista?

Refresh and rearrange your space by either buying some new accessories (textiles are always an easy and affordable place to start!) or by simply swapping furniture and accessories between rooms. Minimal effort, maximal reward. We guarantee that it will give you a moral boost.

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4 - Let there be light

We can’t stress it enough - having good lighting in your home is an absolute must. Especially in winter AND especially when we’re spending most of our time at home. Bad lighting makes our eyes tired and it plays a lot on our morale. Without the adequate lighting in your room, it makes you feel like you spend most of the day in the darkness and that can be a bit depressing. If you can’t invest in a new lamp, just changing the intensity of your light bulbs or adding fairy lights are easy and affordable ways to add more light to any room.

For a deeper dive into lighting, check out our article here.

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5 - Add a stimulating smell

Need a little pick me up?

Adding a smell in your home is a great way to boost your morale. Some scents have the power to boost your productivity, feel better at work or help you relax after a long day. Diffusers are a good way to bring a nice smell in your home throughout the year. In winter, we like treating ourselves with a nice candle!

Read our article on scent & ambiance to learn how to set the mood in your home.

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6- Home is where the art is

We feel good in our house when we feel at home. Bringing visual stimulus in your home is a great way to decorate and create a space that is unique to you.

Having artworks on your walls helps personalise your home and make it feel like your own little sanctuary.

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7 - Feel the positive power of plants 🧘🌱

Bringing some flowers and plants into your home help you create a more balanced and relaxing environment. We know it, plants have the power to reduce stress and purify the air, making you feel more in tune with yourself and your surroundings.

A few weeks ago we interviewed plant happiness Gurus, the Stem. Read our article here to learn how plants can contribute to make us happier and our homes healthier.


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