7 Colour Blocking Ideas to Incorporate This Summer


Are you ready to be colourful and courageous this Summer?!

Colour blocking has been trending throughout the creative industries for decades, but it isn’t always a piece of cake combining powerful colours. So we’ve outlined 7 ideas to help guide you with colour blocking in your home this season.


Take It To The Floor Colour blocking your walls is one way of getting jaws to hit the floor in amazement, but colour blocking the floors will take your room to a whole other level!

Start by painting the lower section of your walls in your chosen colour and continue with the colour right onto the flooring.

Not only will this help to add an immersive and enchanting feel to your space, but it will also give your room a talking point.

If painting your floors isn’t feasible, you can always add colours to your floors by placing a bold colourful rug into your space - Remember, if you’re going to create a statement, make it a strong one.

Photo source: Paradiso Ibiza

Take It to New Heights

It’s official, painted ceilings are now a thing! Break up a room and add a new dimension by reimagining your space with five walls as opposed to four. Taking your bold paint choice up onto the ceiling creates a statement and gives your room a literal facelift.

If you’re looking for flawlessly deeply coloured paint that is also durable and has a low VOC, then shop through Coat Paint’s ceiling paint options here.

Whilst you’re there, you can also grab a swatch (or a pot) of our vibrantly pink collaboration shade ‘Amoureuse’ in partnership with Manon Planche.

Photo sources: Purdy & Dulux

Complementary Colours

Whether you want to spruce up your tired kitchen cabinets with a splash of teal and burnt orange or liven up your door frames with pink and green, colour blocking with complementary colours is a playful way to showcase your personality this season.

Not sure which colours will work well within your room? Take a read of our introduction to colours here to find out how colours can impact your mood and so much more.

Photo source: The Interior Editor

Mix & Match with Multiples

Who said that colour blocking only works as a duo?

Play around with three or four different colours to add multiple pops of colour and get your walls talking - ensure that at least one of the colours you plan on using matches one that has been used elsewhere within the room.

Opt for a set of pastel shades for cosier rooms or contrasting tones of the same colour for creating an understated look.

Or why not go bold if you dare - there is so much to mix and match!

Photo sources: Decoist & Dezeen

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Colour blocking using patterns and shapes allows for so much creative freedom and can assist with creating an utterly unique design.

From circles to arches, colours and curves are a winning combination, not only do curved shapes add a modern softness to your overall design, but they can also be used to help zone out an area and aid as a backdrop for other curved furniture such as mirrors - adding additional visual interest to your space.

For more ideas and interesting ways you can create zones in your rooms and improve your overall spatial plans within your home, check out our previous ‘7 tips for improving spatial planning’ article here.

Photo sources: Just Off Rose Lane & Home Designing

Layer Up

Much like creating curves, you can also use paint colours to create unique architectural patterns, stripes, layers (and literal colour blocks) within your room to create a notable design.

To create colour block layers and add visual structure to your walls, begin by selecting colours that are of a similar tone to your main wall colour, and then build upon this by adding a striking splash of colour to help amplify the effect.

If you’re stuck on colour palette ideas and options, or would just like to gain some inspiration from the experts, check out Lick’s Palette 01: Neo Deco pastels to help you get started.

Photo sources: Elle Decoration China & Finch Interior Design


Solid colour blocking can be achieved effortlessly in your home with the help of furniture. One thing for certain is the technique of colour blocking works flawlessly where it is least expected.

Pair your boldly coloured walls with a large vibrant piece of artwork or accessory, such as a wall mirror to help your room stand out. Smaller decor accessories such as vases and cushions glazed in a series of bright colours also assist in pulling off an energized living space.

Why not go the extra mile and paint the inside of your wardrobe or cabinetry in a contrasting colour to the exterior colour? Not only will it add a surprise element, but it’s a guaranteed way to make you smile every time you open the door!

Photo sources: Decoist & House & Garden


Are you ready to have some fun with colour this season?

Get in contact with our designers today to make a start brightening up your home.


by Keleisha Simpson

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