6 Decorating Hacks for Renters

If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be? For many, ensuring their home is functional and beautiful whilst renting can be quite tricky. Rentals frequently come (poorly) furnished and often, a landlord won’t approve of any permanent changes to their property, leaving you feeling quite disconnected from your current living space.

But remember, you don’t have to be a homeowner to add a personal touch to your home!

Below we have shared 6 effortless renter-friendly upgrades that are affordable and easy to do to make your rental space feel like home - all without upsetting your landlord or losing your deposit:

1. Personalise Those Walls

Take over the walls by adding a splash of your personality. As a renter, you’re bound to have heard of Command Strips. These little adhesive tools are perfect for creating a renter-friendly gallery wall, as they enable you to avoid hammering any nails into a wall. Once your lease is up or you have a change of heart about your interior style, you can smoothly pull the strips off and they leave zero damage to your walls - plus, you could also use other decorative Command products to help hang your coats, bags or even hanging baskets.

If repainting the walls is off the cards for you, then a temporary wallpaper is a bold way of waking up your walls and adding a dose of your persona to your space. Additionally, if you’re stuck for ideas on decorating your child’s room, wall stickers are a fun way of making a mark - without actually leaving a mark.

Love the look of a gallery wall? We’ve shared how to create one here.

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2. Plant Love

What better way to breathe life into your home (and the air) than with some plants? Adding some greenery instantly inserts personality to your space, transforming a rented dwelling into a happy home.

Whether you’re into minimal potted plants on an open shelf, tall and broad plants in a rattan planter or a simple trailing one placed on your mantelpiece, a little bit of leafy love can add a nice warm charm to your home.

TIP: Arrange your plants against a light-coloured wall, to create a clean, fresh, and botanical vibe. If you’re not quite ready to become a plant parent yet, or if you struggle to keep your plants alive, then a high quality artificial plant will look just as good within your space.

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3. Switch Your Soft Furnishings

When it comes to making your house feel like a home, fabrics are your best friend. Providing texture, colour and comfort is one of the most effortless methods of establishing your style within your space.

Not only are soft furnishings an affordable option, but they’re also easily interchangeable; so, as your style changes, your home can change with it. Soft furnishings within your home can range from curtains right through to sofa covers, so you can now cover up that eyesore of a sofa your landlord has furnished your living room with, or just switch out the fabrics left from an ex-tenant.

REMEMBER: Warm and rich tones like emerald and mustard look gorgeous during the Autumnal season, and cool-toned pastel shades such as mint work perfectly as a playful tone for Spring/Summer.

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4. Rugs To Make It Snug

One thing that typically puts renters off from selecting a property is the flooring - especially seeing old carpets. But with the help of a few rugs, you can breathe life back into those tired floors.

Whether your rental space is fitted with wooden flooring, carpets or a form of tiling, the incorporation of an area rug (or two) can help to elevate and advance your existing living space, helping it to feel like your home. For instance, a stylish and eco-friendly sisal rug can aid in cutting the visual size of a room whilst also creating a distraction from the somewhat unsightly flooring within your property.

Want to know more rug styling tips and advice for your home? Check out our ultimate guide to styling rugs here.

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5. Freshen Those Fixtures and Fittings

Switching out the fixtures and fittings of your furniture such as cupboards, storage cabinets, and door handles etc. is a quick and straightforward way of customising your living space.

Whether you want to change over from a dainty doorknob to a study grippable D-pull handle or brass cup handles to silver ones, you only need a few tools to do so. The best part is, you can easily refresh your fixtures and fittings again to make your home feel even more modern or to better suit your current taste.

Remember, you can always take these with you when you move on to your next home, just ensure that you remember where you placed the original ones and reinstall them before moving out!

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6. Smells Like Home

Not only are they cost effective and smell amazing, but they can also be incredibly stylish and complementary to your decor. For some, lighting a candle may instantly relax you and allow you to feel just that little bit more at home, and for others, a quick room spray mist may remind them of a loved one.

To find out how you can use scents in your home to create a cosy ambience, check out our previous article focused on scents here.

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How many of these hacks will you be putting to the test?

Our dedicated designers are here to help you every step of the way in making your house a home.

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by Keleisha Simpson

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