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5 Tips for the Perfect Garden Gathering

Phase one of lockdown restrictions in the UK began lifting from March 29th, with the allowance of two households or six people to gather in a private garden - just in time to enjoy the joys of Spring.

If you’re planning on inviting your loved ones over this Spring season, why not spruce up your current garden space so that you and your social bubble can have your much anticipated catch-up in a safe and beautiful outdoor surrounding.

To help get you in the mood for your garden gathering, here are our top 5 tips for the perfect garden gathering this season.

1. Seating for Six

To create a cosy indoor-outdoor vibe, consider including a selection of fabric throws, seat pads and decorative cushions to your outdoor seating zone.

If this year you haven’t been able to get your hands on any outdoor lounge sets, you can always create a cosy seating spot with floor cushions and wooden crates - perfect for a rustic Bohemian look. From colourful tassel blankets to animal-shaped embroidered cushions and linen tablecloths, there are so many ways you can play around and add texture, warmth and comfort when hosting outdoors this season.

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2. So Fresh and So Green

Now is a key time to pull out your garden pruning shears and cut back your greenery. Not only will this make your garden look aesthetically pleasing and neat but will also encourage new growth for the upcoming Summer. If you’re on the impatient side, head down to your local garden centre to find some fully grown plants/flowers that will add an instant boost and pop of colour to your outdoor space. You could even grab yourself some

decorative planters, to help give your patio an instant lift.

For more plant advice, check out our article with our friends at The Stem here

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3. Get Your Grill On

Nothing beats a BBQ in the warmer months, and hosting your own outdoor grilling session doesn’t need to cost you an absolute fortune.

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you may wish to have various food stations for each dish on the menu. To give your stations a welcoming interior kitchen feel, decorate your tables with matching plates, serving bowls and cutlery. You could even create a Spring-inspired tablescape with your favourite floral centrepiece.

Tip: Garnish your outdoor dining table with decorative solar tea-lights, and as the day draws to a close, you can watch your functional food stations transform into a cosy al fresco setting.

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4. Cheers!

Some say less is more, but when it comes to the drinks on your gathering

menu - more is more!

As the weather warms up, your guests need to remain hydrated. This season include a drinks station within your table decor. A themed tablescape is always a winner, plus with a drink station as a centrepiece it’s the perfect way to lift the mood post-lockdown.

Remember, a Spring outdoor gathering doesn’t count if there isn’t a summery cocktail or fruity punch involved - they’re a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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5. The Finishing Touches

As with all design aspects, the finishing touches are like the icing on the cake!

Alongside your favourite decorative planters, why not personalise your outdoor living area with a few functional items as well. For brighter days, invest in an adjustable outdoor parasol. For slightly cooler days and Spring/Summer evenings, a patio heater or an outdoor throw is a must have. To keep the conversation flowing right through the night, don’t forget a set of solar lights, lanterns or fairy lights.

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For more tips, tricks, and advice on how to design and style the interior and exterior of your home, check out the NUA x DESIGN magazine here


by Keleisha Simpson

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