3 Reasons to Hire an Interior Pro

Ask yourself, what is it about your space that makes you feel that you are at home? For many, the number one priority when it comes to our homes is shelter. As the world has been filled with so much anxiety over the last year and a half, our interior spaces have contributed greatly to our wellbeing and kept us safe.

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In addition to sheltering us, we would all love for our homes to reflect our personalities, provide comfort, and functionality. From sufficient lighting, to thermal and acoustic comfort, our homes should be designed to provide us with a sense of belonging and create a space that not only feels welcoming, but also has dedicated spaces for various lifestyle activities.

Remember, your home is one of your biggest investments, so it is only right that you invest in your design approach as well. A well designed space takes much more than selecting furniture you like and can afford. Whether you are planning to expand your kitchen, redesign your living room, or transform your loft into a guest bedroom, now is the perfect time to begin scouting for an interior design professional.

A professional interior designer or stylist can do so much more for you and your project than simply tell you what cushions work well with your current colour scheme and source unique furniture pieces. They specialize in utilising the space at hand to ensure it meets all your household needs, wants and desires to create a cohesive look. They also ask questions and make suggestions at a deeper level than most consumers tend to consider.

Whether you need advice on detailed specifications or a simple colour consultation, here are a few reasons why hiring an interior professional is worth the cost:

1. Delegate & Collaborate

Teamwork makes the dream work! You want your newly designed space to flow seamlessly into the rest of your home, right? Sometimes a second, or third opinion makes all the difference.

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Whether it is the finish of your floor tiles or the colour of your new sofa, having an interior professional at hand to collaborate with can be a huge weight off your shoulders and can save you so much time in the long run. They present questions to invite you to analyse your space in new ways and help mediate when partners or housemates can’t reach any agreement.

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Rely on an expert to guide your design, help you make tough decisions, and present options you never would’ve discovered or thought of on your own.

2. Define Your Style

One of the biggest reasons that people struggle to create a cohesive or well styled room, is that they have never taken the time to identify and truly understand their interior style.

Defining your style gives you the ability to articulate what it is you prefer and want, so that you can have the confidence to collect items that you know will work with your existing interior design scheme.

By working with an interior professional, you can create guidelines for colours, materials and overall product styles to guide you as you furnish and decorate your home. Defining this style allows you to edit and add to your interior as your home evolves for years to come.

From conception to completion, an interior professional has the stylistic eye and creative vision to combine functionality with your own aesthetic to create the best design outcome for your home and your budget. But you must understand your style first to get it all right!

3. Create Focal Points

Each room of your home should have an area or where your eyes are naturally drawn to, a focal point. Whether it is a delicately patterned rug, a colourful feature wall, a dramatic light fixture, or a piece of art - you can easily build an entire design scheme around a focal point.

An experienced interior professional has the knowledge, perspective, and skills to think creatively and come up with various ways of repurposing objects to take centre stage and create a focal point from your existing decor.

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Alternatively, they understand the marketplace and know where to find a new or vintage piece to design any room around.

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To conclude, it is key to remember that with an interior professional on your team, you always have a helping hand to bounce ideas off and finalise those tough decisions. Some individuals may not be able to visualise the finished design until the later stages of the project, but with an experienced design professional you can trust you’re in good hands to help realise your interior dreams.


Are you ready to transform your space?

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by Keleisha Simpson

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