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How do I select the service that’s right for me/my room?

Selecting your interior service can be difficult. If you don’t know what you need to complete your project, please see the questions below that explain what our service deliverables are. If you’re still unsure which service makes the most sense for you, please book in a complimentary consultation with our team and we will help you select the best service for you, your home and your budget. 


What is an e-design service?

An e-design service is an interior design service provided in a remote fashion and completed 100% online. The service is conducted without meeting in-person or visiting the property where the project will be installed. All communication, and design work is presented via digital tools and final products/materials are delivered directly to your property for you to install and style on your own. Our team is available for installation and styling assistance at half or full-day rates. 


What is a mood board?

A mood board is a collage of visual elements and inspiration including interior images, product images, colour swatches, and potentially material swatches. Our mood boards are the first stage of some of our services, and act as the guiding light to confirm the visual style, aesthetic and overall theme for the design process. It allows us to agree on the vision for each project before we start sourcing product suggestions or working on the design scheme of the room. 


What is a floor plan?

A floor plan is an aerial (bird’s eye) view of a room/property. It is a drawing that is created to scale to accurately represent the size and shape of a room or structure. It displays the placement of walls, windows, and doors. We add furniture and decor to communicate proposed layouts for your design scheme. 


What is a room visualisation?

A room visualisation is a collaged image showing how proposed products, finishes, and materials work together and would be arranged in your home. These visualisations may be elevation drawings showing multiple views of a room or perspective images displaying a full room at one glance. 


Do you provide 3D renderings?

Our services do not include any 3D renderings, but we do create collaged design visuals as stated above.


What budget works best for each service type?

Understanding your budget and which service to select can be determined by the number of products & materials you hope to source. If you are looking for items from opening price point brands & retailers, we recommend our personal shopping service. If you’re looking to redesign and furnish an entire room, we recommend our client’s have a minimum budget of £2,000 for a premium room design. 


Can I purchase the final products selected myself? 

Yes! Or we can source your final selections with our concierge shopping service for a fee. 


Do you manage projects on site?

Our services are offered as online/remote design projects and the fixed fees do not include any visits to the client’s property. We do not manage contractors, builders, renovations, or any other activity on site. Our services are for quicker, simpler projects that can be completed online. 

Why is there a limit on the number of products I can source? 

Since you pay a fixed price for each service, we have to limit the number of product suggestions our designers source. We are happy to source additional products for an additional fee. Contact us today to discuss in greater detail. 


What information do I need to provide to start a project? 

To begin your project you will need to provide quality photos of the space, floor plans or a sketch of the layout of the room, and key measurements of walls, windows, doors, etc. We will provide a request list of all the measurements needed to complete your project. 


Can I cancel my project after it’s started?

As stated in our terms and conditions, after you have completed your design consultation all design fees are 100% non-refundable. If you experience any issues with your service and are not satisfied, we will provide alternative solutions, but the design fee will not be refundable. 


How long does a project typically last? 

Depending on the service level, design projects can last between 2-8 weeks to complete the final design scheme. This refers to the design phase of the project and does not account for lead times and delivery of all final product selections.

Have additional questions?

Please contact us today and we'd be happy to assist.

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