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At NUA x DESIGN we have been deeply moved by the Black Lives Matter movement shining light on the many racial injustices in contemporary society. We recognise that as a business we have an opportunity to fight against systemic racism and do our part to help break the cycle of injustice and inequality.

NUA x DESIGN is a young organisation, founded by a sole white female. Inclusion, diversity and design-for-all were core values in the founding ethos of the NUA x DESIGN brand. Today, we formally pledge to do our part as a business to actively become anti-racist and promote diversity and inclusion in the interior design and home decor industries.


We pledge that our channels – our websites, blogs and social media – will at all times endeavour to include people of every colour and gender and sexuality.



We pledge to seek out Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates to interview for roles that arise in our businesses. We will always hire the best person for the job, but we will endeavour to bring more diverse candidates through the process. We stop short of positive discrimination and we reject tokenism.



We pledge that any events we hold – be they panel discussions or talks, dinners, receptions, or media events – will endeavour to include people of all colours and genders.

We will not tolerate racism or discrimination internally as an organisation and will not collaborate, support, or partner with any brands that we discover to hold racist or discriminatory views or values.


Moving forward, NUA x DESIGN will collect more demographic data on all of our partners, suppliers, freelancers, and employees to keep records of our diversity and inclusion statistics.

NUA x DESIGN will actively engage with employees to encourage anti-racism education and promote an inclusive atmosphere for all members of our staff as well as our clients.

NUA x DESIGN pledges to be an actively anti-racist organisation, promoting diversity and inclusion starting from within. We will actively seek to represent a true reflection of the diverse population we serve in London with the diversity of our staff as well as the interior design and styling work we produce. This diversity will take into account race, gender, and sexuality and we will welcome all in the NUA x DESIGN family.

If you have any questions or would like to make any suggestions to help our brand be a better advocate for Black Lives and BIPOC communities, please do not hesitate to reach out.

NUA x DESIGN, 1 July 2020