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Hello there,

I'm Emily, the founder of NUA x DESIGN.

NUA x DESIGN was born after I completed an MA in Interior Design in London. When I moved to London, I met many people struggling to furnish, decorate and personalise their homes. 

Whether you're renting, moving, or buying your first home, shopping for furniture and decor can be overwhelming. However, since home is where you rest, refocus, and recharge it is not a place that should be neglected or lack investment. 

Interior spaces can largely influence our health and wellbeing. Colours affect mood, light influences energy levels and layouts can either enhance or hinder your daily routine. Then there's mood and ambiance, which I strongly believe should reflect your personality in an unapologetic way. 

At NUA x DESIGN, I encourage our clients to connect with art and decor by supporting local artists and independent brands. There’s no easier way to personalise your home than with original artwork. We’re always expanding our supplier network and aim to partner with as many independent artists and makers as possible.

NUA x DESIGN is centered around an ethos of accessibility, inclusion, collaboration, and customisation. We’re here to design for YOU, and that means everyone. 

I can’t wait to help you personalise and perfect your home. Here’s to many new beginnings by design!

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